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Hydraulic cylinder for Rotary Drill Rig


Rotary Drill Rig cylinder is a type of single piston rod an double acting cylinder, They are used in different Rotary Drill Rig machines, which is popular in highway construction, Railway construction, bridge construction and big construction project.
1. Small size, and high intensity.. ..intensity fatigue design, adaptive cylinder designed as per loading frequency analysis are applied, and piston rod selection, processing technology, welding technology are inspected through ultrasonic fault detection. As it is designed for high pressure operation, it is featured in small size, light weight, high intensity and high reliability.
2.bore size: 40mm- 250mm
3. Fixing type: trunnion or according to custom's requirements
4.Sealing system.. seal rings of NOK from Japan and Parker from USA mat can overcome engineering construction such as drilling, digging. as well as special designed sealing system are applied to prevent grit and dust, reduce oil leakage.
5.Cylinder body...the thickness of cylinder body and flange can be changed; the cylinder inner surface manufactured as per appropriate intensity and dimensions have excellent roughness and rigidity and better wearing capacity after roll finishing.
6.Piaton rod...high frequency quenching followed by hard chrome plating to improve rust proofing and wear and scar resisting performance.
7.Safety/buffer functions.. .valves with slow stroke, counting balance and emergency close can be installed easily according to requirements. The concealed ones can absorb the impact of buffer device at the end of stroke.

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