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Hydraulics Drive- WINCHES


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Structure and Characteristic :
HYJ series hydraulic winches mainly consist of HGM series hydraulic motor, Z type hydraulic multi-disc brake and C type planetary gearbox, clutch, drum, support shaft, frame.
① Compared with other radial piston motors, HGM series hydraulic motor features high volumetric and mechanical efficiency, low noise, long lifetime and wide speed range. In addition, they could be run in pump condition.
② Brake, planetary gearbox, clutch are directly set inside the drum of winches. Therefore the series winches featured compact and elegant figure, small size and lightweight.
③ The striking volumetric efficiency and the high-grade counterbalance valve from SUN solves the problem of shaking in unloading and secondary downslide, and makes the hoisting, lowering or brake process smooth.
④ The winches with clutch could realize free lowering.
⑤ The integration valve block set on valve plate simplified the hydraulic system from customer.

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