Replacement Hydraulic Thumb Cylinder for Bobcat 341


Introducing the top-notch Replacement Hydraulic Thumb Cylinder for Bobcat 341. This high-grade component is a product of Bobcat Hydraulic Cylinders, a well-respected manufacturer within the industry. It is a perfect fit for the Bobcat 341 model and is designed to perform the thumb / bucket clamp function. Suitable for both excavators and mini excavators, it falls under several categories including Bobcat, Double-Acting Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinders, Replacement Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinders, and Welded Cylinders.

The product, with SKU 1562219408, weighs a moderate 72 lbs, ensuring it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your machinery. Its bore and rod sizes are 2.75″ and 2″ respectively, providing the right balance between strength and flexibility. With a stroke of 25″, this hydraulic thumb cylinder guarantees efficient and smooth operation.

This replacement hydraulic thumb cylinder is intended to replace the Bobcat #7146420 cylinder. Its robust build and superior functionality make it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their machinery’s performance.

Product Features and Maintenance

The Replacement Hydraulic Thumb Cylinder for Bobcat 341 is renowned for its strength, durability, and reliability. Manufactured using top-tier materials, it ensures long-lasting performance even in the most demanding conditions. Its double-acting welded rod design enhances its durability and guarantees a fluid motion with every use.

Regular maintenance of this hydraulic thumb cylinder is crucial for its longevity. Ensure it is regularly cleaned and any wear and tear is addressed immediately. Lubricate as required and always use it within its operational limits to prevent damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the weight of the Replacement Hydraulic Thumb Cylinder for Bobcat 341?
    It weighs 72 lbs.
  2. What are the bore and rod sizes of the cylinder?
    The bore size is 2.75″, and the rod size is 2″.
  3. What is the stroke of the cylinder?
    The stroke of the cylinder is 25″.